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1. 3770, boul Saint-Laurent, Montreal, QC, H2W 1X6
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ruined my hair
I sooo regret the day I let Caro cut my hair 10 months ago. I had been growing my hair out for 2 years. It finally reached my collar bone from a short pixie style. She essentially shredded my hair that had become a thick healthy long layer into thousands of different lengths. The cutting effect she used made it look limp and damaged. It still feels damaged and looks frazzled almost a year later ( I stopped going back to the salon after that day). I still cannot even wear it all up because of layers that are too short. She took away the style, shape and movement my hair once had. Other salons have told me I have to wait another year for the various layers to be long enough to fix the shape. In other words, her cut set me back at least 2 years. All I asked for was a trim. I insisted it was growing, I was happy with it and I just wanted a trim. She didn't listen and didn't stop when I told her I was concerned about the technique she was using. It wasn't until the end of the cut I realized she took away at least half the volume. Awful. I really wonder how these stylists are trained. A good stylist understands how hair behaves and how to cut it so it falls well, etc. I felt my hair was just hacked at random for some notion of art with no regard for what I asked.
Opinion de le 17 avril 2015
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