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Created in 1972, is a non-profit organization with charitable status. The Centre is open 365 days a year and offers its 140,000 visitors a trail system of 24 kilometres, with trails leading to all four summits and a lake, as well as a wooden boardwalk that is accessible to people with limited mobility.There are hiking trails available in every season and in winter we maintain 20km of snowshoeing trails and 10km of cross country ski trails. For several years, the Nature Centre has also participated in the conservation of natural environments and in the sustainable development of the area through the organization of volunteer and cultural activities on the mountain, through participation in various committees, such as the committee for the protection of the mountain's greenbelt and through the creation of tools to help decision makers manage the natural environment, such as the Atlas of Forested Areas in the Region, 'Nature et ruralité' and recently the virtual exhibit Window on the Mont-Saint-Hilaire Biosphere Reserve.



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1. 422, chemin des Moulins, Mont Saint-Hilaire (Québec), J3G 4S6
(450) 467-1755
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