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Prices and characteristics
Weekly listing Weekly listing
+ Pref. placement
Duration 2 to 52 weeks
2 to 52 weeks
Photos Yes (20) Yes (20)
Website link Yes Yes
Multiples choices 1 Yes Yes
Maximum visibility 2 NoYes
Listing delay None 4 None 4
Price 3 $3.99 + taxes
for 2 weeks
no commission
$12.99 + taxes
for 2 weeks
no commission

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  1. Multiple choices (multi-listings): multiple choices, formerly known as multi-listings, let you select more than one neighbourhood and/or more than one number of rooms and/or more than one type of rental (yearly rental, temporary rental, etc) for a listing. These multiple choice listings appear on the site for all combination of choices. You can then, for example, advertise a building with 1 ½, 2 ½ or 3 ½ apartments for yearly or temporary rental in one listing and it will appear in all the six sections (yearly 1 ½ + temporary 1 ½ + yearly 2 ½ + etc). The multiple choices increase the price of the listing, see the Prices section. But a listing with multiple choices is cheaper than separate listings.
  2. Maximum visibility: preferential placement offers the maximum visibility on our site. Your listings will appear twice in the lists and search results: once at the top in the "Promoted apartments" section and once more with the other listings (but with a more visible layout). Furthermore, your location icon in the Maps section is larger than the others.
  3. Prices: Here are our prices for fixed fee listings with one type of rental, one size of apartment and one neighbourhood.

    Duration of ad Prices without preferential placement
    (taxes not included)
    Prices with preferential placement
    (taxes not included)
    2 weeks $3.99 $12.99
    4 wks. (≅ 1 month) $6.99 $19.99
    13 wks. (≅ 3 months) $19.50 $45.50
    26 wks. (≅ 6 months) $37.75 $77.99
    52 wks. (≅ 12 months) $69.99 $135.99

    If you want to select more than one type of rental, number or rooms or neighbourhood, please use this calculator:

    How many
    types of rental?
    How many
    How many different
    number of rooms?
    Duration of
    listing (weeks)

    Total cost $
    (taxes not included)

  4. Listing delay: there is not listing delay for listings paid by credit card. But, if you pay by cheque, the listing is only activated when the payment has been received.
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Automatic listings
  • You have multiple apartments for rent at the same time and you have a website listing their availability or you can give us a file containing the information for the apartments? We can add listing to our site automatically without any work on your part. Our fees per listing per week are is very affordable. Contact us for more information.
Refund policy
  • There are no refunds for listings added on the site.
For more information, please contact Charles Quenneville by email at info@toutmontreal.com.