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This section contains information on everything you need to know about Montreal's many restaurants. At last count, there were about 4000 restaurants in Montreal and around 6000 on the island itself. There are about 300 restaurants listed in this e-guide : around 100 full reviews and 200 other restaurants picked out because of their reputation, word of mouth or recommentations from friends. If you want more restaurant suggestions, there is a restaurant section in the yellow pages that is also divided in specialties... but of course they are not rated. You can also check out one of the three free weekly newspapers (Mirror, Hour or Voir) for recent reviews and for advertisements (some have coupons). You can also pick up a local restaurant guide at any book store in Montreal, most of them are good and since the writers are from here, it will show a more accurate picture of the local restaurant scene.

General information everything you should know about restaurants in Montreal
Lists of restaurants and suggestions where you will find hundreds of restaurants divided by country, type of cuisine, etc... with reviews and comments

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