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Good news everybody!
All the basic directory listings, including adding a logo, are now « for life ». No more annual fees, except for the Preferential Placement option.

The form to add a site is now divided in two sections : one for non-commercial sites and one for commercial sites (businesses and retail stores). In both cases, the criteria to add a site are the following for the island of Montreal (area code 514) :

  • the site must contain information about Montreal or burrough on the island
  • the author(s) live in Montreal or in one of its burrough;
  • the business or store must have an office or presence on the island.

The sites for the South-shore and Laval and north-shore must be in the 450 area code.

Here are the criteria for commercial sites :

<Add your commercial with this form>

 Commercial sites are sites for business and stores, either selling products or just promoting a business. Adding a site in the following categories is not free if you want to add keywords and descriptions in french and english. These keywords and descriptions greatly improve your visibility in the directory and your standing in the search engine's results. Adding a site in these categories is free if you only enter your name and site address (URL). Here are these categories :

  • Arts and entertainement (dating services, gambling sites and adult sites only)
  • Bars and restaurants
  • Businesses and services
  • Computers and internet
  • Learning and sciences (classes only, ex.: martial arts classes, etc)
  • Medias (media services only)
  • Retail stores
  • Tourism and hotels

 The cost is only $25 for 5 keywords and a 25 word description in french and english, $45 for 10 keywords and a 50 word description and $10 for groups of 5 extra keywords. You will be billed and your site will be added when we receive your check. For more information, contact us.

To add your commercial site, click here.


Here are the criteria for non-commercial sites :

<Add your non-commercial site with this form>

 Non-commercial sites are non-profit sites without commercial interest. Adding a site for the following categories is absolutely free, including keywords and descriptions:

  • Arts and entertainement (except : dating services, gambling sites and adult sites)
  • Communities and society
  • General and regional information
  • Learning and sciences (except classes, ex.: martial arts classes, etc)
  • Medias (except media services)
  • Personal pages
  • References and search engines
  • Special events

To add your non-commercial site, click here.


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