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To preserve French, Quebec policy must promote linguistic mixing
If we really want to improve the French skills of Quebecers, the efforts have to begin much sooner than college, writes Eric Deguire.
Quebec wants Roxham Road closed. This woman who made it across is building a new life
More than 7,000 asylum seekers have crossed into Quebec from U.S. between January and March, renewing the debate about Roxham Road. But for new arrivals like Kate Onapko, the road represents a pathway to a new life.
They fled war, had gentle souls, drove sports cars. Families tell the lives of those lost at Herron
Quebec coroner Géhane Kamel carefully laid out the medical histories and probable causes of death for each person in her report. Here is more about the lives of some of them.

Study finds screen time has soared among Montreal teens during pandemic
Seven out of 10 said they're spending significantly more time on video games and social media.
Rocket advances in AHL playoffs after comeback win over Crunch in OT
Laval overcomes a two-goal deficit to win 3-2 and will play the winner of the Utica-Rochester series in the North Division final
Hanes: Is no one ever accountable in Quebec?
West Island CIUSSS CEO Lynne McVey is taking the fall for an under-prepared health system.

Legault insists health care will be unchanged under Bill 96, calls out 'disinformation'
Peppered with questions on Bill 96, Legault said there's been "disinformation" spreading, in his opinion -- and that on one important question, health care, many critics of the bill are wrong. In fact, the bill is confusing on that point and the details still haven't been fully explained.
Montreal road work is a poorly organized mess, auditor general finds
Montreal drivers have a lot of words to describe the city's roads in summer, when the orange pylons pop up: an obstacle course, a maze, a mess. The city's auditor general agrees and offers analysis of why in a new report.
'We need it now': As ER visits among children rise, Montreal parents want hotline reinstated
Montreal public health officials are considering whether to bring back a special hotline for families with sick children to get them speedy appointments with a doctor. Hospitals are seeing an increase in visits to pediatric emergency rooms.

  Headlines from the Ville de Montreal

COVID-19: State of emergency renewed for the urban agglomeration of Montréal
[Ville de Montréal] MONTRÉAL, May 16, 2022 – In accordance with the Civil Protection Act, Montréal's executive committee has renewed the state of emergency for the urban agglomeration of Montréal on May 16, 2022, for a period of three days (until Thursday, May 19th, 2022). The local state of emergency, which was [...]
[Espace pour la vie] Montréal, le 16 mai 2022 - Espace pour la vie is delighted to announce the birth of three lynx kittens at the Montréal Biodôme on May 1st. The kittens and their mother are doing well. Since the birth, the young lynxes have been very lively and their mother has been attentively seeing to their needs [...]
COVID-19: Montréal announces its intention not to renew the state of emergency in the urban agglomeration, while keeping its public security plan in effect
[Ville de Montréal] MONTRÉAL, May 11 , 2022 – Montréal announces its intention to lift the local state of emergency during the upcoming weeks. Hence, the urban agglomeration council will no longer extend its delegation of powers to the executive committee beyond May 19, 2022. This delegation of powers, in force since [...]

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