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Celebrates new and ongoing works in ethno-contemporary dance and music. We combine disciplines and artistic trends under cultural studies and experiments. Our dances present forms of art from our era, with works by in-house choreographers, and our musical director and composer. Our goal is to present strong, educational and entertaining works of art. Our artistic vision is to be a vehicle for dialogue between cultures and generations. We welcome cultural exchanges between us and the audience through performance, discussions, workshops and instrument demonstrations. Tsingory Dance and Music of Madagascar is a lively company based in Toronto and Montreal . We perform Malagasy dance with live accompaniment, using traditional instruments such as Marovany, Valiha, Sodina, Langoraona, and Amponga be. All of our costumes and headpieces are professionally custom made. Some include handmade embroidered elements from Madagascar. The dances are choreographed by Lanto and Jenni Morse. The dancers are all professional dancers who maintain their training, in ballet and modern, outside of the company. First created in May 2009 as Kintana Gasy, the company has been performing and teaching workshops for audiences of all ages. We offer workshops in English, French, and Malagasy.


Africa, culture, madagascar, malagasy, dance.

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