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We offer nursing care, aesthetic and body care in a welcoming, warm and professional environment.

We offer:

  • Nursing assessment
  • Fetal AND blood test to find out baby's gender
  • Ear washing
  • Treatment of warts, molluscum and acrochordons
  • Sclerotherapy for injection of varicose veins with sclerosing agents under prescription
  • B-shape TMC technology for increasing muscle mass, reducing fat and toning muscles and skin.
  • Aid in weight loss with the B-shape and also infratherapy to eliminate toxins from the body and relax calmly.
  • Radiofrequency to reduce cellulite and reshape the body
  • Maderotherapy for a deep massage with a wooden tool to reduce cellulite and sculpt the silhouette, redefine the contours of the body and tone the skin
  • Professional microneedling or mesotherapy to firm your skin, regenerate elastin and collagen, reduce wrinkles, fine lines, scars, stretch marks and skin imperfections.
  • Facial and peeling to thoroughly cleanse and regenerate your skin every season.
  • Eyelash enhancement to open your eyes naturally without extensions.
  • And eyebrow microblading to define your eyebrows with temporary micropigmentation.

We also have kinesiologist collaborators, aos life coach, physiotherapist massage therapist, nurses, body care technician.

514 - 618 - 0953,


Soins esthétiques et corporels, soins infirmiers.

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1. 1296, Rue Foch, Verdun, Québec, H4H 2R3
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