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  1. A'Shop, "A'Shop [À la shop] is an artist-run production company specialized in graffiti murals, street art and urban aesthetics."
    Adresse: 3081 Ontario Est (#301) Montreal, QC H1W 1N7. Tél.: 514-522 9471
      See A'Shop's complete listing
  2. CandyDandy.NET, "the official website for everything by Eli Larin and jraff."
      See CandyDandy.NET's complete listing
     Region: Island of Montreal
  3. Google Cultural Institute - Montréal Le Plateau-Mont-Royal
  4. Les VILLE-LAINES, "5 tricoteuses terroristes".
      See Les VILLE-LAINES's complete listing
     Region: Island of Montreal
  5. Meeting of Styles
      See Meeting of Styles's complete listing
     Region: Island of Montreal
  6. MU, "[our] mission is to beautify the city of Montreal by creating murals that are anchored in local communities. At the heart of its approach is the desire to see and experience art on a daily basis, to trigger a social transformation and to turn Montreal into an open-air art gallery!"
    Adresse: 275 boul. Maisonneuve Est (#2) Montréal, QC H2X 1J6. Tél.: 514-509-6877
      See MU's complete listing
     Region: Island of Montreal
  7. Omen514
      See Omen514's complete listing
     Region: Island of Montreal
  8. Québecgraffs, "une vision de l'art urbain au Québec. Projet de deux amis séparés par l'atlantique Gael Fontana, photographe et Webmaster de banlieue parisienne et Julien Lebreton venu faire un petit bout de chemin par ici".
      See Québecgraffs's complete listing
     Region: Island of Montreal
  9. Tha PHLASH, "biggest murals with an anime twist....totally unique style in a daring attempt to turn a city into Hong Kong .Its graffiti, its airbrush its big and manmade =)."
    Adresse: Ville-Marie (Centre-Ville) Ville-Marie (Centre-Ville) .
      See Tha PHLASH's complete listing
     Region: Island of Montreal
  10. Under Pressure International Graffiti Convention
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