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  1. Center for the Physics of Materials - McGill
  2. Centre for Applied Mathematics in Bioscience and Medicine (CAMBAM) - McGill, "a multi-university centre for the study of complex biological rhythms."
  3. Centre for Intelligent Machines - McGill
  4. Centre for Interdisciplinary Research in Music Media and Technology
    Adresse: 527 Sherbrooke St. West Montreal, Québec H3A 1E3.
      See Centre for Interdisciplinary Research in Music Media and Technology's complete listing
     Region: Island of Montreal
  5. Computational Geometry Lab at McGill
  6. CRIEM / CIRM, "centre for interdisciplinary research on Montreal."
    Adresse: 840 avenue du Docteur-Penfield (Pavillon Ferrier, salle 332), Montreal, Québec H3A 0G2. Tél.: 514-398-3960
      See CRIEM / CIRM's complete listing
     Region: Island of Montreal
  7. IASL - McGill University, "the Institute of Air & Space Law."
      See IASL - McGill University's complete listing
     Region: Island of Montreal
  8. Institute of Parasitology, "home page of the Institute of Parasitology, part of the Faculty of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences of McGill University."
      See Institute of Parasitology's complete listing
     Region: Island of Montreal
  9. McConnell Brain Imaging Centre, "one of the largest scientific communities in North America dedicated solely to research imaging of the human brain."
    Adresse: 3801 University Street Montreal, Québec H3A 2B4.
      See McConnell Brain Imaging Centre's complete listing
     Region: Island of Montreal
  10. Meakins-Christie Laboratories, "the centre of respiratory research at McGill University."
  11. Minimum Cost Housing Group - McGill
  12. Molson Medical Informatics Sampler, "a rapidly growing collection of multimedia projects in medical teaching."
  13. Office for Science and Society, "the McGill Office for Science and Society is a unique university-based venture dedicated to the promotion of critical thinking and the presentation of scientific information to the public, educators and students in an accurate and responsible fashion."
    Adresse: 801 Sherbrooke St. W. Montreal PQ H3A 2K6.
      See Office for Science and Society's complete listing
     Region: Island of Montreal
  14. Photonic Systems Group - McGill University, "The objective [...] is to explore smart pixel based free space optical interconnection technologies, identify and demonstrate applications of free space technologies, and develop theoretical and physical models for optical backplanes."
  15. Projet de Motoneige Électrique de l'Université McGill / McGill University Electric Snowmobile Team
  16. Réseau Protéomique de Montréal / Montreal Proteomics Network (RPMPN), "a network of over 75 researchers whose goal is to identify, localize and characterize every protein in every organelle of the mammalian cell. Proteomics focuses on the identification, localization, and functional analysis of the protein make-up of the cell."
  17. Sable - McGill, "Advanced Compilers, Architectures and Parallel Systems Lab."
      See Sable - McGill's complete listing
     Region: Island of Montreal
  18. TeamMTL, "students and faculty members from McGill and Concordia are working together for an innovative architecture competition: The Solar Decathlon China 2017."
      See TeamMTL's complete listing
     Region: Island of Montreal
  19. The TRansportation and Air Quality (TRAQ) research group, "we are interested in research that bridges between transportation and air quality modelling. Our focus is on transportation and air pollution in Cities both at the metropolitan scale and at the neighborhood/street level."
  20. Transportation Research At McGill (TRAM), "group of researchers, faculty members and students whom their work is mainly directed towards conducting research in the transportation planning and operations field."
    Adresse: 815 Sherbrooke Street West, Montreal, QC 815 Sherbrooke Street West, Montreal, QC H3A 2K6 H3A 2K6.
      See Transportation Research At McGill (TRAM)'s complete listing
     Region: Island of Montreal
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