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  1. 12th Annual International Generic Pharmaceutical Alliance Conference, "September 30th to October 2nd 2009."
  2. Americana, "Environmental Technology Conference and Exhibition."
      See Americana's complete listing
     Region: Island of Montreal
  3. Anticipation, "the 2009 World Science Fiction Convention will gather thousands of people from around the world for five days of activities and events. In addition to our All-Star guests, we will have more than five hundred authors, artists, and creators spending five fabulous days with the fans they love. We'll have panels, workshops, exhibits, events, and activities to delight fans of science fiction and fantasy. The Worldcon is a convention for fans, and it's run by fans."
      See Anticipation's complete listing
     Region: Island of Montreal
  4. Blueprints for Change, "27 February to 2 March, 2007 Sustainable Concordia will host wokshops, film screenings, panel discussions and keynote speaches: 27 Feb: Elizabeth May, Environmental Sustainability. 28 Feb: Derrick Jensen, Social Sustainability. 01 March: Michael Albert, Economic Sustainability. The 2006 Concordia Sustainability Assessment will be launched: a tool to measure institutional performance."
    Adresse: Ville-Marie Ville-Marie .
      See Blueprints for Change's complete listing
     Region: Island of Montreal
  5. C2-MTL Commerce + Créativité / C2-MTL Commerce + Creativity, "C2-MTL is a completely new kind of annual global conference, one that explores the relationship between commerce and creativity and its potential to redefine business. This immersive three-day event showcases the value of creative thinking and offers participants practical advice and work tools to make the most of this invaluable resource."
    Adresse: 5 Queen Street #, Montreal, Quebec, H3C 2N6.
      See C2-MTL Commerce + Créativité / C2-MTL Commerce + Creativity's complete listing
     Region: Island of Montreal
  6. Çingleton, "indie Apple Developers symposium that happened from 2011 to 2014."
      See Çingleton's complete listing
     Region: Island of Montreal
  7. Conférence de Montréal, "international forum dealing with the 'new economy'."
      See Conférence de Montréal's complete listing
     Region: Island of Montreal
  8. ConFoo.ca, "web technologies conference from March 10 to 12 in Montreal, Canada. Calling for speakers."
      See ConFoo.ca's complete listing
     Region: Island of Montreal
  9. Congrès des sciences humaines 2010 / Congress of the Humanities and Social Science 2010, "organized by the Canadian Federation for the Humanities and Social Sciences, Congress brings together thousands of scholars, students, practitioners and policy makers in a different city each year to share ideas, debate and enrich their research. They gather under the aegis of more than 70 associations representing a rich spectrum of disciplines in the humanities and social sciences. From theatre, literature and education to history, sociology and political sciences, Congress represents a unique showcase of scholarly excellence, creativity, and leadership."
  10. Convention de Salsa de Montréal / Montreal Salsa Convention, "the Convention is a 5-day Latin dance event from the 18th of May to 22nd of May, 2016. Nightly shows and weekend workshops are the main focal point of the Convention. In addition, there will be dance competitions that will take place on Saturday and Sunday. The Convention will be a gathering of dance students, music lovers, entrepreneurs, event enthusiasts, dance masters and everyone who love music and dance, particularly Latin music. For five days they will share, learn, and expand their knowledge in dance and network through participating, watching, by just being present and being a part of something special."
  11. DynamicMTL, "a series of high level, accessible talks put together to foster the conversation within Canada's bustling interactive community."
      See DynamicMTL's complete listing
     Region: Island of Montreal

  12. Festival impact collectif, "une invitation à célébrer, se rassembler et échanger autour de l'impact collectif durant une semaine d'activités. Cette première édition du Festival est l'occasion de tisser des liens au sein de la Communauté du Projet impact collectif (PIC), ainsi que d'une cohorte d'une vingtaine de visiteurs de France qui sont dans le processus de démarrer leurs initiatives d'impact collectif dans le cadre de Territoires d'impact collectif. La semaine se veut conviviale, riche en échanges et immersive! Choisissez, selon vos intérêts et disponibilités les moments de la semaine auxquels vous désirez participer et inscrivez-vous".
      See Festival impact collectif's complete listing
     Region: Island of Montreal
  13. IWA World Water Congress and Exhibition, "water is the lifeblood of the world and never more so than in Montréal, Canada, where 4,500 water professionals will gather in September 2010 for the International Water Association (IWA) World Water Congress and Exhibition."
  14. Journée de la Philosophie, "assistez à un atelier philosophique unique en son genre ! Le thème de l'année : "Les réponses de la philosophie face à l'angoisse, à l'inquiétude et à la déprime des jeunes". L'atelier s'adresse à la jeune génération pour retrouver l'espoir qu'apporte la philosophie. Gens de tous âges, bienvenue !".
  15. LeMood, "the festival of unexpected Jewish learning, arts and culture."
      See LeMood's complete listing
     Region: Island of Montreal
  16. Montreal Comic-Con, "a growing event featuring comic books, bande dessinée, video games, anime, manga, toys, fantasy, science-fiction and horror. Montreal Comiccon's main goal is to highlight local artists and feature marquee talent from Quebec and from around the world. In its 3-year history, Montreal Comiccon has become a must-see entertainment event in Montreal for both Francophones and Anglophones."
      See Montreal Comic-Con's complete listing
     Region: Island of Montreal
  17. Montréal Web Vidéo 2009, "a must-attend event for all business and technology leaders who are seeking to harness and leverage the power of video on the web."
      See Montréal Web Vidéo 2009's complete listing
     Region: Island of Montreal
  18. MTL connecte, "cet événement à portée internationale vise à aborder le champ numérique de façon transversale, à travers ses impacts économiques, sociaux, culturels et environnementaux dans divers secteurs d'activités".
    Adresse: 425 Boul. de Maisonneuve Ouest (#1100) Montreal, Quebec H3A 3G5.
      See MTL connecte's complete listing
     Region: Island of Montreal
  19. MTL DGTL, "a unique digital festival, will be uniting on three consecutive days the schedules from the Mobiz, Web-In, Montreal International Game Summit and CINQ INNOVATION SYMPOSIUM."
      See MTL DGTL's complete listing
     Region: Island of Montreal
  20. Palais des congrès de Montréal, Montreal's convention center located between Chinatown and Old Montreal.
    Adresse: 159 rue Saint-Antoine Ouest Montréal (Québec) H2Z 1H2.
      See Palais des congrès de Montréal's complete listing
     Region: Island of Montreal
  21. Projet Écosphère, "Quebec's number 1 environmental event with more than 200 exhibitors and 30 conferences. Our goal is to bring together as many environmental and sustainable development actors as possible so that people can receive information on how and which products to buy to help change our personal habits."
    Adresse: 12A rue Principale Sud Sutton, Québec J0E 2K0.
      See Projet Écosphère's complete listing
     Region: Island of Montreal
  22. Projet Ex - conférences et festivals, "propose une programmation audacieuse de conférences, d'initiatives citoyennes, de prestations artistiques, d'ateliers gourmands, de marché d'artisans et de soirées festives Made in Mile-Ex".
  23. REcon, "computer security conference being held in Montreal. The conference offers a single track of presentations over the span of three days."
      See REcon's complete listing
     Region: Island of Montreal
  24. Rendez-vous du savoir, "will once again serve to recognize the wealth our universities generate and showcase their important contribution to society at the regional, provincial and international levels."
      See Rendez-vous du savoir's complete listing
     Region: Island of Montreal
  25. Réseau d'informations scientifiques du Québec, "le colloque annuel du réseau d'informations scientifiques du Québec".
  26. Salon de l'investissement immobilier 2013 (SiiQ) / The Real Estate Investment Tradeshow 2013 (SiiQ), "the key event for all parties involved in the property investment scene in Quebec. We have gathered renowed and experienced speakers that will deliver relevant content. The SiiQ_2012 is a day of conferences, workshops and discussions not to be missed."
  27. Smart City Expo MTL
      See Smart City Expo MTL's complete listing
     Region: Island of Montreal
  28. Sommet de Montréal sur l'innovation / Montreal Summit on Innovation, "an initiative of Quartier de l'Innovation of Montreal, has for mission to organize regular high-level events designed to serve as a catalyst for multilateral dialogue on topics related to innovation in an international context. Two prestigious educational institutions in Montreal, École de technologie supérieure and McGill University, are the proponents of Quartier de l'innovation of Montreal and the Montreal Summit on Innovation."
  29. Sommet de Montréal sur l'innovation / Montreal Summit on Innovation, "an international event organized by the Quartier de l'innovation, the Montreal Summit on Innovation (MSI) brings together experts from the four corners of the world to exchange on themes related to innovation."
  30. Sommet du jeu de Montréal
  31. Sommet international du jeu de Montréal
  32. The Montreal Conference on eTechnologies
  33. Tout le monde UX, "rituel d'inspiration où passionnés et intéressés se rassemblent pour échanger et faire évoluer la pratique de l'Expérience Utilisateur (UX)".
      See Tout le monde UX's complete listing
     Region: Island of Montreal
  34. Trajectoires Montréal, "ce colloque interdisciplinaire sera l'occasion pour une pléiade d'experts du domaine des arts, des lettres et des sciences humaines (universitaires, praticiens, créateurs et professionnels), de porter un regard critique sur les notions de trajectoire, de mobilité et de récit, au coeur des villes et des banlieues".
      See Trajectoires Montréal's complete listing
     Region: Island of Montreal
  35. Transform/er Montréal, "on April 29th and 30th, 2017, join us as we celebrate the vibrancy of Montreal's social and economic movements to build a economy based on democratic principles that put people and planet first!"
      See Transform/er Montréal's complete listing
     Region: Island of Montreal
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