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  1. Internet Advertising Bureau of Canada, "Canada's resource and communication forum for marketers, publishers and practitioners to evaluate and shape the direction of the Internet advertising industry in Canada."
  2. Les affaires web, "le web d'affaires expliqué".
  3. Propriétés Numériques Square Victoria (PNSV)
    Adresse: 7 rue Saint-Jacques Montréal, Québec H2Y 1K9.
      See Propriétés Numériques Square Victoria (PNSV)'s complete listing
     Region: Island of Montreal
  4. Quebecemail.com, "service de courrier electronique (email) gratuit pour tous les montrealais et le Quebec entier (service permanent et gratuit)".
    Adresse: Plateau Mont-Royal Plateau Mont-Royal .
      See Quebecemail.com's complete listing
     Region: Island of Montreal
  5. UNYK, "use UNYK.com to build a smart address book that keeps your contact information up to date. The site also assigns you a UNYK ID, so it's easier to share your contact info."
    Adresse: Longueuil Longueuil .
      See UNYK's complete listing
     Region: South-shore
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