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Is this service free?

Yes! it's free. You will not be charged for using this site. We do offer services to businesses and institutions. If you are a driver, you can charger your passengers a reasonable amount for gas and car use.

How can I offer a ride?

Simply click on the "Offer a ride" button and then follow these three steps :

  1. enter the general information needed for the first step. Your name is optional but your e-mail address or phone number are not, if you don't enter one or the other, an error message will be displayed and you'll have to come back to the form and complete it. You then have to indicate if you are offering a two way trip or a one way trip (going or coming back only). If you are offering a one-way ride only, deselect the checkbox next to the "going to..." or "coming back from..." headers. For each trip, enter the hours (in international format, 17:00 instead of 5:00pm) with an approximative interval (+ or - a certain number of minutes) , then the regions of departure and arrival. It is recommendded that you specify longer intervals for the hour of departure when you are going and arrival when you are coming back.
  2. then select your municipalities of departure and departure. The list of municipality if dependant on the region you entered in the previous step. If your municipality is not listed, then select the closest one to yours (you will be able to specify your municipality in the comments at the next step).
  3. finally, select your district of departure and arrival. If the selection presented is "see comments", then there are no districts listed for your municipality (you can specify your district or nearest intersection in the comments). The comments will be displayed in the search results next to your name and information. HTML tags are accepted, but no references to images or blink tags please! moreMontreal ridesharing reserves the right to edit the comments. The search will take a few seconds so be patient, the results will list people of are requesting a ride matching the specifications you gave (you must contact them directly by the listed phone numbers and/or e-mails). If you are not interested in any of the results, just click on the "submit" button and your entry will be added. That's it.
How do I request a ride?

Same as for offering a ride but click on "Request a ride" button on the main page.

How do I register (aka add an entry) for a ride?

Searching for a ride and adding an entry is basically the same thing, just follow the steps listed above then click on the "Submit" button at the last step and that's it, you don't have to enter the information again.

How can I make a comment?

If you want to make a comment on the site or have a question, you can e-mail us at


moreMontreal ridesharing is not responsable for the content of the entries. moreMontreal ridesharing reserves the right to edit the descriptions if they contain innapropriate language.



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